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Seymour's and The Book Sales

Semi-Annual Book Sale


Guy Dicarlo,
Vice President, Book Sales
See you next Fall!



All of you love and patronize the several book sales throughout the year--the blowout semi-annual sales, the beach read sale and the popular Christmas sale. These sales would not be possible without the devotion and hard work of our volunteers. The FOL Board desperately needs adult volunteers who will help continue the finest book sales in Northeast Florida.

Why? The present cadre of permanent adult volunteers is aging--the average age is over 70. We need volunteers who are able to move boxes of books to display tables, and have time to set up tables and book displays for the semi-annual sales. To volunteer, register at Seymour's Book Store in the library lobby. A month before a sale you will be contacted by letter to set up a work schedule.

The camaraderie and efficiency of the volunteers is amazing-- we can set up 15,000 books in one day! Just a few hours strategically donated will make a world of difference. Come join the team--we would love to have you!

Guy Di Carlo
Vice President, Book Sales

         Watch our video from the April - May 2014 Book Sale!


Remember, all proceeds go to support the Friends’ Mission of making our library an outstanding educational, cultural, civic and recreational center for the community. 

The Friends have been selling books for the past 20 years and it has been my pleasure to head the operations of this division since 1997. In that time I have witnessed many volunteers donate each year over 4,000 hours of their talents and efforts to bring about a book sale operation that is second to none in northeast Florida.

Seymour’s, the in-library book store, has become a prominent part of life to many of its patrons since its opening in 2003. Seymour’s is now the only used book store in the beaches area. The 20 volunteers and the 24 substitutes who work in the store know that its customers are looking for reasonably priced books for their reading enjoyment, and they keep the store filled with books that appeal to our patrons.

The store and semi-annual book sales, in the last 16 years, have earned a net income of over $550,000, which goes directly to support the Friends’ mission of making our library an outstanding educational, cultural, civic and recreational center for the community. Careful planning and hard work by these dedicated volunteers have brought book sales to the point of providing this steady source of income. The volunteers of Book Sale Operations wish to personally thank you for your encouragement and support. See you at the next book sale, April 29 - May 3!

Guy Di Carlo, Jr.
Vice President, Book Sales


Seymour's Bookstore

Phone: 904-273-3990

MONDAY-WEDNESDAY  10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. THURSDAY & FRIDAY 12:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.     SATURDAY  10:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.  
Bring your tote bags and fill ‘em up with books.  Books from Seymour’s are used, but they look like new! When you buy in Seymour's Bookstore all the money goes to the Friends of the Library, and ultimately, to our Library.


Each year brings new thrills to the existence of our volunteer bookstore, Seymour’s. It is fascinating to watch the store grow in many ways. It is as though we are watching our favorite child or grandchild progress to adulthood. The store is filled with gently read books which promise a magnitude of adventures that can be ours through reading. We are constantly trying to increase the number of library patrons who will stop in the store to share those adventures through reading.

One of our methods to entice folks into the store is a cart outside our main door that holds books marked $2, as are at least 80% of the books inside the store. First timers ask, “How much is this?” When told $2, a look of surprise that turns to delight fills their faces. Our ever helpful and knowledgeable volunteer asks if they can be of service and make recommendations that would intrigue the patron. You will likely hear the volunteer say “Yes, I’ve read that book and it is very good, you would like it!”

The majority of our daily 20-25 patrons are women, so it follows that many of the book categories are selected to draw their attention. One category that is difficult to keep well stocked is children’s books. Men are not shy but do not seem to visit Seymour’s as often as the ladies. Our most frequent male visitors are retired, and tend to drop in when not playing golf, tennis or working around their homes. Yet, they are also avid readers.

You may have noticed that there are fewer and fewer small bookstores - the places where you could listen to soothing music and browse through the shelves at your leisure. We have tried to replace that comfortable, intimate feeling, including the music. We hope that Seymour's will enable you to find the enjoyable books that will satisfy your need for literary companionship.


You have found the donation bins outside Seymour’s, which is good. Unfortunately, some books are being carelessly thrown in, which is not good. Please be more cautious and place the books gently in the bin – or better, bring your gently used books into the store. And please help save your back (and ours.) Those huge moving boxes are great for light things, but not for books. If possible, please bring in your books in plastic bags or liquor boxes. ABC Liquors is very accommodating about giving out empty boxes. Remember, you’ve treated your books gently up to now, so handle them with care on their final journey to Seymour’s. Thanks.


The new little red dots at the tops of the book spines are our “high tech” method of inventory control. Soon you’ll see yellow, green and blue dots – none of which signify measles or any other ailment. We want to keep the books fresh on the shelf for you.


" I bought several gift certificates at Christmas for friends and they were delighted with them. I think it would make a great gift for any occasion. People really enjoy them." - Paula Hellman Ask us about our Gift Certificates. They are a great gift idea for any season, holiday, or birthday.


Seymour’s receives donations every day --- anywhere from 1 to 300 books. People move, a relative dies, a parent decides her 18-year-college-freshman is not going to read his/her kiddie books any more. We especially love those giant art books, biographies, great children’s books, non-fiction books relating to animals, cooking, health, travel, finance, military, spiritual, reference, psychology, the theater. Best of all? We love books published in the current year, which we typically sell for $8.

What Do We Accept?
Books in good to mint condition in small or medium-sized boxes or grocery bags.  Call 273-3990 for pickup.


What Do We Not Accept?
Encyclopedias, magazines, records, textbooks and books on health, finance and business older than a few years. As always, thank you Ponte Vedra readers for your continuing generous donations of books.


Of course we are happy to offer you a tax deduction form for any books you bring in to the store. But you may also request a receipt for any books you purchase. Just ask the volunteer on staff. DID YOU KNOW? Seymour's not only sells books to the public, it also gives books to Mission House, Pablo Towers, the Mayport Naval Base, the Betty Griffin House, and other places around Jacksonville. Of course we work in conjunction with the library, and any books you bring into the store that might be right for our library, stay right here in the library.

Seymour Books

What Does a Seymour's Volunteer Do?

S helves fiction from the bins for the shelves and cart.
E asily guides people to the books they are looking for.
Y outh books? She knows what books go with what ages.
M akes change and keeps track of the Daily Sales Sheet.
O pens the book bin and brings in newly donated books.
U ses the dot system to help with inventory control.
R eminds visitors to become a member of Friends of the Library.
S cans the “Search Service” binder to alert people about requests.
V olunteers to work at the book sales throughout the year.
O versees each store’s bin to ensure that books are alphabetized.
L oves to meet new customers and greet repeat patrons.
U ses the carpet sweeper to keep Seymour’s tidy.
N eatly alphabetizes shelves that require it.
T ickets! Sells or gives them to customers for the FOL events.
E njoys the camaraderie with other volunteers.
E njoys hearing a million thanks from Ponte Vedrans.
R elishes books!